IT Suite

IT suite smallWe have an IT suite where we can introduce the benefits of IT to people who have never had the opportunity, or are wary about taking their first steps.

 From the very basics, like how to switch it on, you can open up a new world of information and fun. Find out about your hobbies, catch up with distant relatives, buy things online, see where you're going on holiday.




Our groups at work.

IT suite users

 These groups are part of a 21st Century Fit programme run by LDVG and funded by the People‚Äôs Health Trust. There are also Walking groups and Gentle Exercise and Relaxation groups within the programme. Whilst the overall Objective of the programme is to reduce the prevalence of social isolation in the over 55 age group within Larkhall and the surrounding area, the courses are aimed at providing practical assistance in achieving this.

The range of activities within the 21st Century Fit programme, arrived at after consultation with our members and responsive to their wishes, have been designed to bring local people of this age group together in a number of ways thereby increasing social contact and providing a space for increasing the number and frequency of these. In short , it is about reducing social isolation and the impact of this upon the physical, emotional, intellectual and social health of the individual.

IT assistance


Participants are able to move freely among groups as they feel the need.